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PC: Re: Introduction

Hi chaps,

Realised I had not introduced myself to you all when I sent out my introductions to other groups . My apologies in advance to those that have already seen it in other groups.
I am an Englishman living in France  (I will not go into the story why - too long &  boring ). Aside from re-storing an old French property,(I am not yet retired) I have had a life long interest/passion in Natural History which is still very much with me. My interest in American RR started  the early 1980s due to (I must confess) a bargain buy, 3 steam (1 a N&W Y-artic.) a whole bunch of wagons + some diesels for less than........20 !!.... OK I knew the guy & he was determined to get me into American model RR , safe to say he did that, + he is still very much a friend.

So, many years later with a large collection of USA books , Mags, locos, rolling stock etc.,etc.,etc.(not to mention my UK + European  collections), I'm mostly interested in Eastern RR  i.e.; Pennsy(1940s appx.) to end of CR.,BAR,NYC,AMTRAK + LIRR primarily ,also all roads leading up to and including BN.,+ a passing interest in early Diesels on the SANTA FE & UP ....then who wouldn't have?

When I have time I do some detailing of locos & rolling stock + the  occasional kitbash .I have worked as a signalman for BR ,many years ago now; was also involved with RR preservation for some 23 years in all (including the restoration of a main line Diesel loco). While thats enough  of me.

So long for now all,


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