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Re: [Fwd: PC: Walthers Decals]

KEMACPRR -AT- aol.com wrote: (edited)

> . While Champ currently does not produce
> much in the PC line this will leave just one major decal manufacturer left. I
> believe the capabilities of computers /scanners and printers are also part of
> the reason for the loss of manufactured decals. We will all be at a loss in
> the future if this trend continues.-   Ken McCorry

Perhaps one avenue is for the historical societies to produce master art work for
decals of "their" railroad and make the artwork available to anyone who wants to
produce the decal either privately or a part of the commercial line. This should
tend to make for more accurate decals and, maybe, make them more available.
Robert L. Harris
rlhjr -AT- bellsouth.net

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