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Re: [Fwd: PC: Walthers Decals]

Regarding the availability of decals . It was noted at the St Louis 
convention train show that Champ has issued it's LAST catalog. Rich Meyer has 
announced that he intends to retire from the decal business at the end of 
2002 I believe. One of the reasons given is the large drop in demand for 
decals given that most new brass and the higher quality plastic equiptment 
comes already painted and lettered. While Champ currently does not produce 
much in the PC line this will leave just one major decal manufacturer left. I 
believe the capabilities of computers /scanners and printers are also part of 
the reason for the loss of manufactured decals. We will all be at a loss in 
the future if this trend continues. Modeling the PC era became more difficult 
with the loss of Herald King a few years ago. Hopefully Micro-Scale will be 
able to pick up the market share that is left. -------------   Ken McCorry

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