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Re: [Fwd: PC: Walthers Decals]

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 I found a different way to do things. I have a scanner hooked up to my
and inkjet printer and i make extra copies of my decals so I don't have to
order decals for PC or many other NE railroads. All I ever have to do is
buy decal paper. I get five sheets at a time.


Okay, let me play the devil's advocate.  I'm a decal manufacturer, we'll
say, and I am thinking about designing and releasing new sets of PC decals.
I'm going to invest research time in making sure the numbers and font are
correct, and invest time and materials in their printing on quality decal
film stock.  I really want to do this just so some cheap so-and-so can buy
ONE set and then just use his computer to rip me off!  I think not!

I hope I don't hear anyone complain when no new decal sets are produced.
If we don't play by the copyright rules, there may be a time when this will
be the case.

Robin L. Harris

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