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PC: PC green for caboose restoration

Greetings to everyone,

	My name is Chris Hauf, and I am Freight Superintendent at the Rochester & 
Genesee Valley Railroad Museum in Rush, NY(Just outside of 
Rochester).    We currently roster PC N-11E transfer caboose #18526.

	I have completely restored the caboose inside (although I would still love 
to see some inside pics of other N-11E's to make sure I have all the 
details correct.), and now I am moving on to the exterior paint which I 
hope to complete before our big Diesel Days weekend on Aug. 18-19.   We 
have already done a fair amount of body work on the caboose to account for 
it rolling over on its side when under Conrail ownership.

	My biggest question is color.   I am hoping to discover what 
type/mix/color# of paint the PC would have used in East Rochester to paint 
the 18526.    Most major paint companies can mix paint in modern materials 
if they have a manufacturer and a mix or catalog # to go by.   Or a color 
they can match against if one of the model colors is correct or very close 
to correct.

	I have already matched a good color using a swatchbook from the paint 
manufacturer I am going to use, however, the match is against paint which 
is 1) buried under Conrail blue and 2) has been faded by Mother 
Nature.     If I could get more details on the original green color and the 
yellow used for the stair stripes and grab irons, that would allow me to 
really get it right!

	Any help would be appreciated.   Please feel free to email me directly at 
crhauf -AT- frontiernet.net.

	Pics of the caboose can be see at: http://www.rgvrrm.mus.ny.us/pc18526.html


Until later,

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