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PC: Re: Bennings Yard office fire (ex-PRR) (fwd)

Chessie the Torch strikes again!  This has been a common problem for
structures CSX and its predecessor Chessie finds "inconvenient."  Western
Maryland stations were a favorite target.  Hancock was in the process of
being acquired by the city for a visitors center when it mysteriously
burned.  Owings Mills was being considered for relocation and adaptive reuse
when it was reduced to ashes.

Just add Bennings to the long list of insurance payouts and tax write-offs
for the Boys in Jacksonville.

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Subject: PC: Bennings Yard office fire (ex-PRR) (fwd)

>Got this on our TotalCSX list, thhought it might be of interest to some of
>list members.
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>Subject: (totalcsx) Bennings Yard office fire
>Since I haven't seen this posted here yet I'm going to assume that it is
>common knowledge outside of CSX that the Benning Road (DC) yard office was
>gutted by fire on July 4.  It was definitely arson (set in five different
>places in the building) and they are now operating the yard from
>construction trailers.  Having heard that long term plans called for
>the building down anyway and relocating it down towards the old engine
>servicing area to allow the Alexandria Extention to be moved over to
>directly flow both tracks into the Landover Line in the yard for more
>efficient moves, I guess this marks the end for another PRR era structure.

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