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I make them as needed - so go ahead and order

Last years issues (2) are available for $5 each

and yes we are working on getting the word out. As soon as MR said send in you stuff for the annual Historical Society listing , I did. BUT we did not get listed.!!! This will be a continuing project.

Next on my plate is some By-law revisions

Jim Hebner

>>> su_carbs -AT- hotmail.com 07/09/01 22:20 PM >>>
>The next issue of THE  POST will be going in the mail this week. 24 >pages 
>this time
>A work day for the PC GG-1 at Elkhart has been scheduled for July 28. 
> >Anyone interested in attending should contact me off list. If we do not 
> >have enough interest it will be cancelled and I will let folks know
>Jim Hebner

Now *that* is a big issue!

Now onto some questions:

1. Does the Society still have copies of the passenger car book? Even though 
I don't actually run passenger trains, I thought it would be a good addition 
to my growing PC library :)

2. Is it possible to get prior issues ot the Post?

3. How about we get info about our society into MR or other RR magazines?

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