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Chris Osterhus wrote:
> 1. Does the Society still have copies of the passenger car book? Even though
> I don't actually run passenger trains, I thought it would be a good addition
> to my growing PC library :)

As far as I know, yes. (Jim, can you confirm?)

Of course, if you really want to *grow* your library, order the PC
freight car roster books from Mark Branibar. As large as they are, I
may need to buy a new bookshelf just to hold them! (Which reminds me,
I need to order the next to new volumes...)
> 2. Is it possible to get prior issues ot the Post?

Yes. Back issues from last year are available for $5 each for members
(while supplies last), and membership dues will get you all issues
published in a calendar year. So for someone joining PCRRHS today,
they will receive the March issue and the current issue which will
be hitting the post office this week.

> 3. How about we get info about our society into MR or other RR magazines?
I believe that MR has to receive a copy of a society's publication during
the year to be included in their list of societies that they run ever
winter (February, I believe). (Jim...you might want to send the folks at
Kalmbach a copy of the current POST if you haven't sent them one this
year already.)


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