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PC: Review-A Sampling of Penn Central - J. Taylor

Hi Chaps,
I came across this book in march 01 TRAINS -" Reviews "- liked what was written, - so ordered the book direct from" Indiana University Press " .Received it in early May and fully concur with  Trains review,except for two additions . Yes the photos are B/W - Matt, not Gloss ( unfortunately this gives less detail ) because they appear to be GOOD but never-the-less Photocopy quality[ I don't know if the Original Edition - 1970s - was the same ?? ].The printed text while nice and large , has lines too close - difficult to keep your place !!
These two criticisms aside,asked if I would recommend this book to the group -  UNRESERVEDLY  YES . From a Historical point of view it represents "Primary Sources " across the board.
From a  P C  [ Pennsy to  C R ] Fans, modellers or others ! both the written work + photos are a GOLD mine of information . The book exudes atmosphere , nostalgia , sadness  +  excitement etc .
Gentlemen - go out & buy it , you will not regret it . I also have this Authors CONRAIL COMMODITIES [ all color ] Highly recommended  also - NO I do not know the author.
A Sampling of Penn Central by Jerry Taylor . IN. UNI. Press, 601 North Morton st.,Bloomington, IN 47404-3797; http;//-iupress.indiana.edu; ( 800 ) 842-6796. 10x 7in.; h/b-cloth ; 448 pages; $59. 95 + $5 s&h. 
Hope the above is helpful,
Best to all

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