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PC: Re: PC business collapse article

Thanks for this article. As my memory serves (I'm 57), this is 100%
The bad guys were Saunders and Bevans. Pearlman distanced himself as much as
possible from
In the late 1970's, long after the dust had settled, I met David C. Bevans
on an Amtrak train.
He was traveling First Class from New York to Philadelphia in an Amclub car.
I said it is nice to meet you, I have read about you in the newspapers. He
replied " Well, if you read enough of those articles, you would know that I
was exhonerated from MOST of those charges".
I had not said what I had read about him. He did not know how much I
despised him, because his
financial shenanigans cost my family $67,000 in what had once been excellent
shares of New York Central stock.

Jack Hammill

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> I found this article on a web site today about the collapse of the
> Penn Central from a business perspective. I'm not sure if it is
> 100% historically accurate or not, but thought you all might find it
> interesting:
> -JWJ

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