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Re: PC: H-12-44 #8315

I finally had some time to do some checking in my files concerning 8315.  It
appears that 8315 was not a full PC paint job but only a touch-up job.  I have
photos of it sitting at Colehour Yard in Chicago in late 1970, apparently soon
after the touch-up.  The unit remained in it's New York Central paint.  The only
place where new paint was applied was on the cab sides directly below the
number.  This was done to cover the NYC cigar band herald.  The PC logo was
applied on the cab below the number exactly where the NYC logo was.  A straight
line where the new paint meets the old is clearly visible on the photos.  Also
the white frame stripe is from the former NYC paint job.  This unit was
repainted in full NYC paint in mid 1967 so the frame stripe appears quite fresh
instead of being in worn condition.  The trucks were painted black.  As
previously mentioned by someone else, the frame stripe paint tended to chalk on
the truck frames when it was sitting in the Altoona deadline, making them appear

Also here is an interesting fact about 8316 which I had forgotten about.  On
Jerry's PC Web Page under Locomotive Photos, there is a photo of 8316 in the FM
section.  The caption mentions that there are remains of an orange 'C' in the
logo under the number.  That is incorrect.  The unit was side-lined at Colehour
Yard in November 1968 while still in full NYC paint.  Apparently while on the
deadline at Colehour somebody applied a small PC logo to the cab side directly
below the number 8316.  The NYC paint remained untouched.  The name Penn Central
was located below the logo.  The interesting thing is that while the 'P' in the
logo was white, the 'C' was in green.  I have a slide of 8316 while at Colehour
on the deadline so the green is a definite confirmation.

"Steffan Forbes" <steffanf -AT- hotmail.com> on 06/24/2001 04:07:05 PM

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Subject:  PC: H-12-44 #8315

   I've asked the list several times for some photo documentation of the
8315, the only FM H-12-44 painted for PC.  Finally, I came up with a
photograph of this unit, apparently in the Altoona dead line.  Unlike what
most would assume, the unit was indeed painted full PC.  I will send them to
Jerry and see if he will post them to his website.  Hopefully, he will
provide a link to the pictures for anyone interested.

                                                -Gregg B.

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