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PC: Re: Re: PC H-12-44 #8315

In fact these were considered SW1200's by Reading, were rebuilt by EMD with
a 567 plus EMD hood and radiator, and were numbered into a class that
included about a dozen all-EMD SW1200's.  Believe only cab, frame, trucks,
and a segement of the hood remained BLW.  Some got full Conrail dress, but
others blue paint and/or just CR stencils.   MKT and CN&W had similar
EMD-rebuilt units also - PC and Conrail were not the only ones doing full
scale kitbashing (like the Dewitt RSD15/RSD4 slug set).

On a PC-related FM note, although some PRR Trainmasters lasted through about
1969, none of these got any more than renumbered for PC?   The worms might
have looked good on one of those.

Bill K.

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> The only Baldwins to receive Conrail CR stencils were the ex - Reading
units and
> they were only Baldwin by heritage as they were re - engined with EMD
> during their life on the Reading.

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