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PC: Re: PC H-12-44 #8315

PC 8315 was indeed an ex - NYC unit.  It was formerly NYC 9126.  It was
officially retired from Penn Central's roster on April 28, 1971.  It was used as
trade-in material on the second order for SW1500's (9510 - 9559).  None of PC's
FM units were ever Conrailized as the last ones on the roster (the ex - NH
H16-44's) were all retired by Sept. 15, 1971.

Also, none of the ex - PC Baldwin switchers that survived into Conrail were
Conrailized either.  PC officially retired 29 of the switchers on March 29, 1976
in anticipation of Conrail.  Only two units (8308 and 8334) made it to Conrail
and both were retired under Conrail without receiving CR stenciling.  I saw both
on the Altoona dead line for a number of years and they were both in PC paint.
Ditto with the Ironton Baldwin switcher which made it into Conrail.  It was
based in Bethlehem and remained painted in Ironton paint until it's retirement.
The only Baldwins to receive Conrail CR stencils were the ex - Reading units and
they were only Baldwin by heritage as they were re - engined with EMD components
during their life on the Reading.

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Was 8315 an Ex-NYC unit? Were any PC FM's ever CR-ized? Some BLW's were.

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>    I've asked the list several times for some photo documentation of the
> 8315, the only FM H-12-44 painted for PC.  Finally, I came up with a
> photograph of this unit, apparently in the Altoona dead line.  Unlike what
> most would assume, the unit was indeed painted full PC.  I will send them
> Jerry and see if he will post them to his website.  Hopefully, he will
> provide a link to the pictures for anyone interested.
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