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Re: PC: hoppers out of Conway

I previously wrote:
> In doing the research for my (eventual) model layout, I found that in
> 1969, PC ran a train called PY-4 from Ashtabula to Conway via
> Youngstown and New Castle. What was interesting about it was that there
> was no corresponding PY-3 in the other direction. It may have been used
> to move empty hoppers from the Ashtabula docks. I'll check my
> freight schedule book when I get home and see if that was the case.
OK, I was wrong...there was a PY-3 and a PY-4. What was interesting to
me was that PY-4 stopped in New Castle, PA, while PY-3 did not.

Train PY-3 carried Lake Coal from Conway to Ashtabula, so I would
assume that PY-4 would return the empties to Conway, as PY-4 was the
only scheduled train from Ashtabula to Conway in 1969. PC may have
run hopper empties, but they don't appear in my freight schedule book.


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