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Re: PC: hoppers out of Conway

>Hi list:
>Was wondering if anyone is familiar with how empty hoppers where returned 
>from points west and north of Conway (such as Ashtabula) to points on the 
>Mon (Shire Oaks, Pitcairn, Ellsworth Br., Brownsville-MGA).  A 1974 symbol 
>book I have only lists an XEL running from Ashtabula to Ellsworth br (even 
>though an earlier list shows XEL as Enola to Scully).  Other wise there are 
>many listings out of Enola (XEP, XEO, XEM) for Pitcairn, Shire Oaks and 
>MGA.  There is speculation that PC moved these in locals or as HOP-Xs.  
>Anyone really know?
>Rich Ribarevski

My great-grandmother lived a few houses from the old MGA line. If I remember 
correctly, the MGA line thru Waynesburg, PA had (and still does) lots of 
unit coal trains both empties and loads running in both directions. Other 
than that. There was once a barge unloading facility on the Mon, but I can't 
remember exactly where.

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