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Re: PC: hoppers out of Conway

Rich Ribarevski <crria -AT- pathway.net> said: 

> Was wondering if anyone is familiar with how empty hoppers where
> returned from points west and north of Conway (such as Ashtabula) to
> points on the Mon (Shire Oaks, Pitcairn, Ellsworth Br., Brownsville-
> MGA).  A 1974 symbol book I have only lists an XEL running from
> Ashtabula to Ellsworth br (even though an earlier list shows XEL as
> Enola to Scully).  Other wise there are many listings out of Enola
> (XEP, XEO, XEM) for Pitcairn, Shire Oaks and MGA.  There is
> speculation that PC moved these in locals or as HOP-Xs.

In doing the research for my (eventual) model layout, I found that in
1969, PC ran a train called PY-4 from Ashtabula to Conway via
Youngstown and New Castle. What was interesting about it was that there
was no corresponding PY-3 in the other direction. It may have been used
to move empty hoppers from the Ashtabula docks. I'll check my 
freight schedule book when I get home and see if that was the case.


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