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Re: PC: PC X65300

Jerry. My CR MW car registor for 1986 does not carry any number like X65300
for a PC car. Most of the PC cars that show were some PRR RPO's with a five
digit PC number and most of the rest were Hwt pullmans. Maybe it was disposed
of while still under PC. Good place to check is above the insde of the end
doors or on the outside where the orig. number was. Some carefull cleaning
and paint removal may uncover your number. I purchased a former PRR RPO that
was still carring a PC number in 1985 and found the numbers inside and
carefull striping found the number on the outside. Another good place to
check under the paint is above the end doors on the outside also. Take a
Psgr. lettering diagram and check the car anywhere it shows a number was

Pat McKinney

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