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Re: PC: PC Old Road Branch info

At some point in time there was a passenger "special" that ran from Toledo
into Manchester.  Apparently Toledo was dry, so people would come to the bars
in Manchester to get "wet".

In the book Railroad Atlas of N. America, the lines are shown with current
owners (1996) and more or less recently abandonded lines and the last
railroad to run over them.  

Toledo to Jackson
Shows Sylvania to Ottawa Lake abandoned - but it looks like there is still a
line to Ottawa Lake.
Blissfield to Lenawee Junction - Adrian & Blissfield - some freight, Dinner
Raisin Center to Clinton - Southern Michigan Railroad (small tourist type
operation, mostly between Tecumseh & Clinton

Monroe to Hillsdale
Lenawee Junction to Adrain - Adrian & Blissfield

Ypsilanti to Hillsdale
Pittsfield Junction to Saline - Ann Arbor Railroad access to Ford plant in

All the rest of the ex LSMS/NYC lines have long been abandoned.  Most of the
ones closer to Adrian were late 60's to early 70's.  Those north (Manchester
area) were abandoned in the late 50's to early 60's, with some segments later

If you are in the Adrian area, the A&B is trying to restore ex Ann Arbor RS1
The old roundhouse still stands in Adrian - I can't remember what it's used
for now, but still looks pretty good.

There's also an old bridge partly still around near Petersburg & Deerfiled.


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