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PC: PC Old Road Branch info

During the Penn Central era, the Old Road Branch from Toledo to Adrian ran four scheduled trains each way in 1968
and all but two of them ran north of Ottawa Lake.  On the Ida branch, one train was scheduled each way in ' 68, with the train originating in Adrian and going to Deerfield.  The Clinton branch ran only one train each way from Adrian to Tecumseh.  The Morenci branch also ran one train each way from as far as I can tell Lenawee Jct. to Grosvernor to Morenci.  This is out of my 1968 Lake Region timetable.
The schedules basically stay the same until the end of PC, because in my Conrail Western Region timetable number one it lists no trains on any of the branches, not to say they didn't run any trains, but there were no regularly scheduled trains listed.  As for the NYC era, according to my 1947 timetable, there were no regularly scheduled trains on the Ida, Clinton, or Morenci branches, but it does show two first class passenger trains on the Old Road branch, as well as two scheduled freights out of Toledo that ran to Hillsdale.  Thats all I know on schedules, if you want exact numbers, email me at above address.  Thanks,

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