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Re: PC: PC sightings on vacation

      Were those portholes in the sides or on the ends? The
reason I am 
asking is that during W.W.II, because of a coach shortage, the "P" Co. 
converted some boxcars into rather crude passenger cars. I'm not sure
series or model was used for this conversion. If I recall correctly, 
portholes were cut into the sides, the side doors were removed and the
covered up, doors were cut into the ends and wooden seats were fitted. 
Perhaps you found one of these cars that escaped the scrappers torch? 
Jim Reaves>>>

Talk about a rough ride.
There are only 2 portholes and they are on the sides mounted near the
roofline. The people door(s) are on the ends. The 8 foot sliding door is
still in place.
One cannot look out the windows from w/in, so they may have been added
for light. It may have been an old workshop.


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