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Re: PC: FL-9's


I have not been to Danbury in a while even though it's 50 minutes from here,
but next time I am there I will see if Danbury Museum has the 2013 that
would look nice with NYC E9 4096 there. NYC never owned any E9's so an NYC
FL9 would look good coupled to it and they are both EMD "9" models

LIRR have or had three FL9's 300-302 that were in MN B/S/R. I believe they
are still used on some trains but to my knowledge were never used into Penn
Station because contact shoes are set up for under running third rail. LIRR
is over-running third rail. In NH days they had retractable shoes and were
used to Penn Station as well as were some 4400 series Washboard MU's in the

I think the two Amtrak FL's are at Providence or New Haven and used on wire
trains as needed. Have not heard of any recent activity with them,


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> Lon Godshall wrote:
> > I was just pondering the locations of the ex PC FL9's. I have never seen
> > one and a fella has asked me for the location of one in NY State to
> > photograph.
> > I thought Danbury had one but they don't. Are there any NY'ers here to
> > direct me to a dead or living FL-9? I assume none are PC yellow and blue
> > anymore.
> The 2013 was at the Danbury Museum. Is it now gone? My understanding was
> that it had died at Danbury and Metro-North was just going to leave it
> there and let them keep it. It was one of the two painted in the "New
> York Central" scheme. (I'm glad I got my shots of the other, the 2012,
> last year...) No more are painted blue and yellow--either Metro-North
> red/white/blue or the ConnDOT ones in New Haven "McGinnis" colors.
> Like Jerome said, check the Croton-North deadline for some that
> are stored. They're behind chain-link fences IIRC. Also, didn't the
> Long Island RR have a pair they were using until the DM30AC's got their
> teething problems resolved? Amtrak also has a pair in work train service.
> They might either be at Albany or Providence...I'm not sure where I last
> read they were at.
> I'd love to get one those FL9's when M-N retires them, but I'll just
> settle for a PRR position-light signal for my yard instead... :-)
> -JWJ
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