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Re: PC: FL-9's

Lon Godshall wrote:
> I was just pondering the locations of the ex PC FL9's. I have never seen
> one and a fella has asked me for the location of one in NY State to
> photograph.
> I thought Danbury had one but they don't. Are there any NY'ers here to
> direct me to a dead or living FL-9? I assume none are PC yellow and blue
> anymore.
The 2013 was at the Danbury Museum. Is it now gone? My understanding was
that it had died at Danbury and Metro-North was just going to leave it
there and let them keep it. It was one of the two painted in the "New
York Central" scheme. (I'm glad I got my shots of the other, the 2012,
last year...) No more are painted blue and yellow--either Metro-North
red/white/blue or the ConnDOT ones in New Haven "McGinnis" colors.

Like Jerome said, check the Croton-North deadline for some that
are stored. They're behind chain-link fences IIRC. Also, didn't the
Long Island RR have a pair they were using until the DM30AC's got their
teething problems resolved? Amtrak also has a pair in work train service.
They might either be at Albany or Providence...I'm not sure where I last
read they were at.

I'd love to get one those FL9's when M-N retires them, but I'll just
settle for a PRR position-light signal for my yard instead... :-)


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