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Re: PC: PC sightings on vacation

<<<On the Sightings page of the PC web site has been for a long time a
reference to a PC passenger car in Phillipsburg, NJ, parked next to an
establishment called The Box Car, next to the old PRR Bel-Del line. As
of last Wednesday, the car is still there. I got a photo of it, and
eventually I'd like to get it scanned and posted on the site.>>>

The car number is on the south side doorway.

Shame I didn't know you were in the area.
Because, about a mile west of there is an NS MW dept. They still have an
old PC yellow  boxcar there for storage. #60549 blt. 10-14  repack date
9-14-72 EASTON.
They even cut portholes and an end door  into this old X29.


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