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PC: Re: PC sightings on vacation

Actually, that paint may have a PC origin after all.  The LV was controlled
to the tune of about 90% by the PRR and PC, so the green paint job on the
cabooses may have been an economy move of some sort.  A considerable number
of LV cabooses got painted green, with no real rhyme or reason as to which
ones.  Just as another example, I've read that the Tuscan paint used on
locomotives in the mid-60's was hand-me-down from the Pennsy and later PC,
not needed since they were painting fewer and fewer passenger units and none
in tuscan after PC.

Bill K.

----- Original Message -----
> Also, at Steamtown, I was looking at their Lehigh Valley caboose 95003.
> I had noticed a lot of green paint showing through on the roof, and
> thought it might have been one of the ex-PC ones, but according to Jim
> Hebner's article in the last POST, it was not. Of course, that leaves
> the question of what the green paint was for, but it definitely was not
> from PC origin.

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