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PC: PC sightings on vacation

Hey gang,

Last Friday I came back a six-day railfan vacation to the Anthracite
region of eastern Pennsylvania. While most of my trip was focused on
lines not of Penn Central origin, I did notice a few things pertaining
to our favorite railroad.

On the Sightings page of the PC web site has been for a long time a
reference to a PC passenger car in Phillipsburg, NJ, parked next to an
establishment called The Box Car, next to the old PRR Bel-Del line.
As of last Wednesday, the car is still there. I got a photo of it, and
eventually I'd like to get it scanned and posted on the site.

Also, at Steamtown, I was looking at their Lehigh Valley caboose 95003.
I had noticed a lot of green paint showing through on the roof, and
thought it might have been one of the ex-PC ones, but according to Jim
Hebner's article in the last POST, it was not. Of course, that leaves
the question of what the green paint was for, but it definitely was not
from PC origin.

Lastly, I did get to spend some time on the Harrison, NJ, PATH station
platform watching the evening rush on the Northeast Corridor. While
seeing the new Acela Express trainset and an HHP-8 electric was pretty
neat, I still wish I could have been there when the original Metroliners,
E44's, and E33's were running, like it was way back when in the PC era.
See http://pc.smellycat.com/pics/eastern/harrison.html

My apologies for not having time to work on the web site lately, as I've
been extra busy at work and was spending a lot of my spare time last
month getting ready for my vacation trip. Of course, if it doesn't stop
raining in Ohio, I might actually get to the web site this week, as I
sure can't mow my grass still... :-(

Anyway, for those of you who would like to read of my railfanning
adventure last week, you can read all about it at


(Please send any non-PC followups and comments directly to me offlist.)

Lastly, thanks for being good boys and girls while I was gone last week
and not launching flame wars that I wasn't around to put out. :-) And
thanks for all of your continued support of the PC Mailing List.


Jerry W. Jordak                   It's not the trains that amaze me--
mailto:jer@smellycat.com          it's the fish heads.
http://www.smellycat.com/jer/                   -- Mark Bailey
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