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PC: PC sightings

Hi gang, while on a photograpy trip to Youngstown Ohio the other day I ran
across some interesting cars we all might enjoy.The first two were at a scrap
meal place that was right at the intersection of route 422 and I 80. They
were a F30A flat car that is painted in mw yellow with a bunk house on it. A
 what I believe to be a X36L or aX38L box car. I can not make out the
pictures all that well but it is there.The next couple of cars that I located
were at a small siding that is located around salt springs rd. and steel st.
There is a small siding there that takes some doing to get to but that was
well worth the effort. There were some PC gons there that one could still
make out all of the reporting marks. But what really caught my eye was the
covered hoppers there. They were unfortunately painted in conrail red. But
upon closer eyesI found what made the trip all worth my effort. Under the CR
paint I could make out yhe Penn Central name as clear a day and could also
make out the name of its predacessor. It was the Ney York Central system. The
car was a 138H series. Hope it is still there so I can get some more

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