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PC: Re: SLOPE tower closing date....

***Hi Gary-

The exact date is in the chapter on Altoona Area Towers in the PRRT&HS Book,
Altoona and the Pennsylvania Railroad.

I wrote the chapter, but my copy is loaned out now....

The date comes from official PRR Records, not guessing nor hearsay.

BTW, Charles Roberts first book had many factual errors ( 24 that I could
find easily, some gross ...) which were critiqued in my book review in The
Keystone magazine.

Triumph I is definitely NOT a good source for data on PRR signaling nor
towers.  Mr. Roberts extreme arrogance prevented him from receiving any
additional help in that area.

And of course you know of my negative feelings regarding Mark Bej's writings
and constant guessing......

RR signaling is extremely precise, with a piece of paper being issued for
every single wire that was being changed.  So the factual information is
available, if those folks ever care to do real research..........

I will confirm the 1965 date as mentioned, as we visited SLOPE TOWER ( BO )
on our first PRR Pilgrimage to Altoona Spring of 1965.

On the next "excursion westward", SLOPE was closed and ALTO Tower ( JK ) now
controlled SLOPE Interlocking.....

PRR Central Region ETT #1 of October 1964 shows it open; PRR Central Region
ETT #2 of Oct 1965 shows it as remoted.

The ETT with exact General Order is also out on loan now...

So BO has been a 'remote controlled interlocking' ever since.

For accurate and factual data and information on PRR Signaling by some of
those who really did it, there is a special list at =

PRRSignaling -AT- yahoogroups.com

Thx, Bill Strassner*-*

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SLOPE tower

: Hi list,: Does anyone know when the PRR closed SLOPE tower in Altoona? I
saw a picture : from 1965, in which the tower was still open. I think PC
just had it as an : interlocking, even in 1968. : Gary Farmer

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