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PC: Re: F unit Dynamics - was NYC U33B

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From: "craig a levine" <alcoc636 -AT- juno.com>

> On the subject of NYC units, did all their F units have dynamic brakes?

All NYC F units had dynamic brakes EXCEPT the passenger F3s.

With Dynamics:
FT A #1600-1603
F2 A #1604-1605
F3 A #1606-1635
F7 A #1636-1873
FT B #2400-2403
F3 B #2404-2419
F7 B #2420-2474

Without Dynamics:
F3 A #3500-3503 - renumbered #1874, 1875,  - , 1877 (#3502 not converted and
retired in 1961)
F3 B #3600-3601 - renumbered #2475-2476
When these passenger units were converted to freight service and renumbered,
they did not have dynamic brakes added.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com

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