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PC: Penn Central railroadiana

Hi gang,
If there is anyone on this list who is interested in Penn Central
railroadiana (memorabilia), I have a private email list that I send "for
sale" lists to a couple of times a year. If you are interested in being
added to the list, please email me off this list at gary -AT- mssinc.com

I have been collecting PC railroadiana for many years and pick up anything
PC that I see that is reasonably priced when I go to RR shows, auctions,
etc. If I already have the item in my collection, it goes on the for sale
list. My prices are always around what you would expect to pay at a RR show.
Ebay can be ridiculously high ($37 recently for a CT290 Electrical
Operations Book that should be around $10 or less). I try to keep my prices
realistic based on how common or rare the item is.

By the way- I have 2 of the C.T. 290 Electrical Books right now. I'll take
$37 for them, if that's what you want to give- but I'm only asking $9. ;-)

Any money I make off my sales goes right back into my collection (right now
I'm trying to recover some of the expense of some PC police badges I

Anyway, thanks for reading this & thanks to Jerry for the list.

Gary Farmer

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