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Re: PC: Re: F unit Dynamics - was NYC U33B

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From: "Rick" <rtkiefer -AT- iusb.edu>
> Terry, for those that may not know, and to try and educate as to
> the resources available, where did you obtain this information?
> I know for the purposes of this site it is a good source of info, and it
> is a good thing to pass on what you know to those who do not
> know. Having said that, information given here should have its
> souce sited a practice that should be adhered to only if to give the
> original author proper credit.

There is no "author" to credit other than the NYC itself in this case since
my sources for this information comes from an internal NYC book entitled
"Dimensions and Classification of Electric and Diesel-Electric Locomotives
Hump and Steam Heat Trailers of the New York Central"

It breakdowns every single locomotive on the roster at the time with full
specifications and the types of equipment the unit is equipped with (from
type of brakes, throttle, steam generators, batteries, journal bearings, air
compressors, etc).  The information contained in this book goes far beyond
any listing in any other published book I've seen.  The original book I have
is dated January 1, 1954, so I can only provide information on units
delivered prior to 1954.  Wish I had a 1967 copy of this book.  Believe the
New York Central System Historical Society offers photocopies of the 1954
and 1957 versions of this book.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com

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