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Re: PC: Re: white frames and worms

Al Staufer's New York Central Later Power 1910-1968 shows the following
U-Boats owned by NYC

2500-2569     DRS-15     U25B     1964-1965     70     Road Switch
2800-2823     DRS-17     U28B      1966              24     2800-2821 had a
            U25B type body
2830-2889     GF-30        U30B     1967              60      3300hp

*Had protruding higher capacity "wing" radiators as normally used on U33's
and U36's The two units 2858 and 2859 were selected for advanced cooling
system tests by GE for their models in the then development stage.

So, Why do I take pictures of Trains?
Because, They're too big to take home!

Ed St. George
MainLines East!

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