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Re: PC: white frames and worms

The possibilities in modeling PC are endless. That's what makes PC so much
fun to model. There were many other local differences that never got
published in books.  Different shops produced differences in paint from
engine to engine as they made repairs (applied band-aids) One of my favorite
models is ex-NH 7555 - black hoods, red cab and handrails NH logos painted
out with large PC numbers on the control boxes - NO worms and a cab signal
box on the front engineers-side walkway. This hung around Providence/Boston
for a long time in the early PC days. As they went to Altoons for heavy
repairs and/or rebuilds, they came back in freight versions with the water
tanks removed from the walkways the rooftop steam generator vents and stacks
removed (Tank still in) and small PC worms to go with their freight roster
numbers in the 7200s. The Hancock whistles stayed, however, forever giving
the NH GP9s their rightful distinction. Also the C425s still in stripes with
large PC numbers and 1/4 sized worms on the nose - U25Bs too! I model the
early PC and have at least a dozen different versions of PC livery. To me
that's the fun of it!    Ed St. George

So, Why do I take pictures of Trains?
Because, They're too big to take home!

Ed St. George
MainLines East!

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