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PC: Re: white frames and worms

There's a shot of an ex-NYC U33B in Conrail Volume 1 that made it to Conrail
with the white frame stripe intact; didn't seem to have had any PC woms
either.   Given that Conrail got rid of those pretty early, I doubt it got
painted blue -

Bill K.

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Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 5:32 PM
Subject: PC: white frames and worms

>   In PC power, I found:
> Page 52-U30B #2855, NYC # on cab, black paint peeling off white sill and
> cigar band on cab, very large worms on nose
> Page 121 GP9 #5825 PC name on long hood, worms on nose light sill. Bought
> second-hand from C&O, operating on Canada Southern. Cannot tell if sill is
> white or if the loco is still blue/yellow with PC stencils replacing the
> (08-72).
> Page 132 Rio Grande F units is full Rio Grande with worm logos simply
> stenciled in on flanks and nose, white #721 in standard PC location at
> of hood. (just tossing that in),
> Page 180 X-NH GP9 #7555, worms on nose, white # on cab sub-base, orange
> still in place, no other markings, 1971.
> Page 208 X-NYC SW8 units with white sill #8634 NYC lettering and paint, no
> PC markings; #8613 with tiny PC worm logo, NYC numbers, ratty white sill.
> Page 212 X-NYC SW7s #8865 and #8883 both have PC markings, full white
> Page 217 X-NH SW1200 #9182, white sill, small worm logo and PC number on
> side, back of cab still red/orange, back of cab sub-base painted white.
> Page 218 X-IHB Sw1500 #9227, full PC switcher scheme, white sill.
> It appears that white side sills were uncommon, but not rare, for
> It appears that white sills on road units (GP40, U30B) were more from poor
> paint jobs or benign neglect in repainting from NYC schemes. This is just
> 2 cents worth. Hope it helps.
> Patrick
> seaboardempire -AT- earthlink.net

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