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PC: Books on eBay

  Hi all--I checked with Jerry before posting this to make sure it is okay.
Since I am the seller, he says it  is okay to pass this along. I have posted
4 books on eBay, three of which are PRR books. While this is a PC list, I
know many folks here are also PRR fans, hence the presence of this posting.
Here we go with the links:

Morning Sun Pennsy Steam Years

History of the Pennsylvania Railroad

The Pennsylvania Railroad: A pictorial history

Morning Sun Northern Pacific Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment


I also have:

"Keystone Steam and Electric", which lists all PRR steam and electric locos
in the following fashion:
The last fifty years of steam
seventy years of Pennsy Electric Power
the locomotive numbering system
the locomotive classification system
PRR locomotive numerical index

steam locomotive historical record-- (1906-1968)

the historical record lists the following for all units:

PRR# Builder (both internal PRR and external) C/N Date of building

PRR #6168 Juniata C/N 4528 Date 09/44 Dr 10/57

this book has NO illustrations, text only. published 1974, softbound 81/2 X


Lastly, I have Electric Traction on the Pennsylvania Railroad 1895-1968,
hardbound, medium format 9 X 6, published by Penn State Press in 1980

This is a very, very detailed history of the rise and eventual fall of
electric traction on the PRR. Most classes are shown in photos, some are
diagrammed as well. Unique book on a very particular topic.


I will post these two tomorrow unless someone on the list would like first
crack at either of these two.

Thanks Jerry and everyone,
seaboardempire -AT- earthlink.net

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