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Re: PC: white frames and worms

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From: <Mark_Branibar -AT- praxair.com>

> As an FYI concerning the list posted based on the photos in PC Power,  all
> the ex - C&O GP7's that the NYC used on the CASO received full NYC paint
> before Penn Central was formed.  None made it into PC painted in C&O

The former C&O units were all repainted into NYC lightning stripe by early
1957, long before PC.

> However, at least 3 GP7's (NYC 5627, 5633, & 5653) lasted into PC still
> in the lightning stripe scheme.

Add NYC GP9 #7437 (ex- 6037) as another unit that made it into Penn Central
in full lightning stripe.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com

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