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PC: white frames and worms

  In PC power, I found:

Page 52-U30B #2855, NYC # on cab, black paint peeling off white sill and NYC
cigar band on cab, very large worms on nose

Page 121 GP9 #5825 PC name on long hood, worms on nose light sill. Bought
second-hand from C&O, operating on Canada Southern. Cannot tell if sill is
white or if the loco is still blue/yellow with PC stencils replacing the C&O

Page 132 Rio Grande F units is full Rio Grande with worm logos simply
stenciled in on flanks and nose, white #721 in standard PC location at back
of hood. (just tossing that in),

Page 180 X-NH GP9 #7555, worms on nose, white # on cab sub-base, orange cab
still in place, no other markings, 1971.

Page 208 X-NYC SW8 units with white sill #8634 NYC lettering and paint, no
PC markings; #8613 with tiny PC worm logo, NYC numbers, ratty white sill.

Page 212 X-NYC SW7s #8865 and #8883 both have PC markings, full white sill.

Page 217 X-NH SW1200 #9182, white sill, small worm logo and PC number on cab
side, back of cab still red/orange, back of cab sub-base painted white.

Page 218 X-IHB Sw1500 #9227, full PC switcher scheme, white sill.

It appears that white side sills were uncommon, but not rare, for switchers.
It appears that white sills on road units (GP40, U30B) were more from poor
paint jobs or benign neglect in repainting from NYC schemes. This is just my
2 cents worth. Hope it helps.

seaboardempire -AT- earthlink.net

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