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Re: PC: Run through power

This particular GP40 later received a full PC paint job,  but this was typical
in this era of 1969 to 1971 to find interim paint schemes on some of the
locomotives that didn't need major shopping.  In 1971 when Moore became
president of the PC, one of his first priorities was to eliminate all of the
previous corporate markings that still remained on any of the locomotive fleet.
He wanted PC locomotives to pull PC trains.

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Yes, in fact there is a pair of GP40s on a train at Mulberry JCT, Ohio on
Green Frog's Penn Central II Tape that shows the lead GP40, an ex NYC unit,
still with the white stripe and NYC numbers, but with the NYC logo on the cab
painted out and the only PC lettering are the two worms on the front & back
of the hood.

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