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Re: PC: Run through power

Penn Central power also shows a run-through Rock Island F-unit moving east
from Silvis, Il. on the point--red with the yellow wing scheme, even yet. I
know that run-through and pool are not the same (one allows other roads to
pass over the rails of the home road, the other is an agreement by which
both provide power to move trains on a regular basis together), but both
yield interesting mixes of roads and schemes.

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> Yes, in fact there is a pair of GP40s on a train at Mulberry JCT, Ohio on
> Green Frog's Penn Central II Tape that shows the lead GP40, an ex NYC
> still with the white stripe and NYC numbers, but with the NYC logo on the
> painted out and the only PC lettering are the two worms on the front &
> of the hood.

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