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Re: PC: Run through power

>Concerning the NYC cigar band saga, and not to throw water on anything, >if 
>you look at the whole motive power picture for PC up to Conrail, no >in 
>service units survived in original NYC, PRR or NH paint.  Let me >qualify 
>that statement.  All of the black Conrail units that everyone >saw up into 
>the eighties with NYC, PRR or NH markings showing were the >results of poor 
>paint jobs that had worn off over the years or >employees who had scratched 
>off the paint in order to show the >originally keystones and cigar bands

What about Amtrak's ex-PC E-units? I remember a few of them still being in 
full PC paint...only to be repainted later (or scrapped).

--Chris Osterhus
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