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Re: PC: Run through power

Concerning the NYC cigar band saga, and not to throw water on anything, if you
look at the whole motive power picture for PC up to Conrail, no in service units
survived in original NYC, PRR or NH paint.  Let me qualify that statement.  All
of the black Conrail units that everyone saw up into the eighties with NYC, PRR
or NH markings showing were the results of poor paint jobs that had worn off
over the years or employees who had scratched off the paint in order to show the
originally keystones and cigar bands.  I know the employee scenario to be true
because I saw it done on a couple of occasions in the late 1970's.  For people
who walked the Altoona and Collinwood dead lines in the late 1970's (myself
included),  the units that were on those deadlines in original PRR or NYC paint
were all officially retired long before Conrail.  Altoona had a couple of E8's
in full untouched NYC paint that lasted until the early 1980's before going to
scrap, but these units were officially retired in 1973 and did not run after
that date.  I have photos or slides of every PC locomotive that went into
Conrail and they all received PC paint jobs of some type while still under PC
which covered the NYC, PRR, and NH markings.  Some of them only received the
famous "dip jobs" (all black paint and only nose and end logos), but they all
received PC paint.  Unfortunately the quality of the paint jobs left a lot to be
desired.  The only exceptions were two ex - NYC switchers and two ex - PRR
switchers that had all of their markings painted out, did not receive any logos,
but kept their NYC & PRR style numbers.  Now if you look at the 1970 - 1971 time
frame, there were a number of units still running around in original untouched
paint (mostly switchers).  And many older switchers and F units were retired in
their original paint.

On another note about the posting that started all this (units with a white
frame stripe), there were some PC units that received full PC paint jobs which
included the application of a full white frame stripe.  These included both ex -
NYC and ex - PRR units and one ex - NH switcher.

"Seth Lakin" <s_lakin -AT- hotmail.com> on 05/23/2001 08:01:09 AM

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Yes, some locomotives did survive Penn Central retaining their NYC Cigar
bands. I have a photo of a ex NYC GP40 taken in 1984 or 85 that still has
the cigar band intact. It also depends when you are modeling PC... if you
modeled in 1968 there would be a lot of cigar bands running around compared
to 1976.

Seth Lakin
Chesterton IN

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>To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>Subject: Re: PC: Run through power
>Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 02:25:51 EDT
>  Not to send the list thru a loop but I am modeling PC and a few other
>railroads and am wondering if any of the NYC locomotives retained their
>trim.If not,I'm also doing a what if scenario and added this only to 4-axle
>power.Any help would be appreciated.

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