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Re: PC: Run through power

Yes, some locomotives did survive Penn Central retaining their NYC Cigar 
bands. I have a photo of a ex NYC GP40 taken in 1984 or 85 that still has 
the cigar band intact. It also depends when you are modeling PC... if you 
modeled in 1968 there would be a lot of cigar bands running around compared 
to 1976.

Seth Lakin
Chesterton IN

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>Subject: Re: PC: Run through power
>Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 02:25:51 EDT
>  Not to send the list thru a loop but I am modeling PC and a few other
>railroads and am wondering if any of the NYC locomotives retained their 
>trim.If not,I'm also doing a what if scenario and added this only to 4-axle
>power.Any help would be appreciated.

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