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Re: PC: Run through power

The L&N power into Columbus came up on freights operating bewteen DeCoursey 
and Buckeye Yard.  These were often U25Bs but sometimes U23Bs and once in a 
while, EMDs.

The US Steel Gary Coal trains, known as the ULG trains on PC and CR, 
sometimes had pooled power coming into Cincinnati from the Lynch Coal 
Processing facility on the L&N.  I'm not sure if the pooled power went on to 
Gary or was changed at Cincinnati.  Perhap someone with more knowledge of 
the operation of these trains can shed some light on run-through power.  I 
do remember one afternoon sitting at the Amtrak station on River Road in 
Cincinnati watching a ULG coal train roll by behind a pair of L&N Alcos and 
a pair of PC SD45s.  This was in 1973 (I think) and the train was still 
running over the former NYC between Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

PC received coal trains off the L&N for destinations other than US Steel 
Gary.  These went to Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and to customers 
in westerm New York.  I do not recall ever seeing any pool power on those 

As for the PC power you saw on the L&N, that power was leased to ease the 
power crunch due to increased coal loadings, as you memntioned.

Steve Hipes

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>Subject: PC: Run through power
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>Were the L&N locomotives on unit coal trains? This question asked since I
>don't know the symbols you mentioned earlier.
>Also PC units frequented the L&N in 74-76, this during the recession of 
>period and the beginning of the huge upswing in coal production that the 
>was embarking on at that time.
>A friend of mine has a photo of PC units on the L&N as far south as
>Nashville, actually a whole consist of units including a GP35, U25B, and we
>think a U28B. This was one of the reasons I started modeling PC, in order 
>have some run through/lease power. I decided that I liked the PC so much, I
>flip flopped the positions of PC/L&N on my layout.

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