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Re: PC: Re: pool power

Run-through power into Columbus-Buckeye in Ď73-Ď76 time frame included 
Southern on SOC-6/OAC-7 (Columbus-Atlanta); L&N on LNO-6/OLN-7 
(Columbus-DeCoursey KY); TP&W on AST-4/PR-15 later OW-5 (Columbus-Peoria).  
Not sure if the L&N units came up via a formal agreement or they just kept 
on going rather than deliver the train to Sharonville.

On the relay trains, SP/SSW power showed up from time to time on SW-6, SW-8 
or ASE-6; MoPac power was far less common but I have a couple of 
poor-quality b&w shots of Mop U30Cs on SW-8 in 1975.

The Santa Fe and PC pooled power on SF-1. SF-2, SF-3, and SF-4 into Elkhart. 
  Iíve seen photos of Rock Island units at Elkhart.  Did CNW come into 
Elkhart on one of the NY trains off the IHB and go back on the CNW-1 or 

This sounds like a project in the works.  Maybe someone who knows can put 
together something for the PCHS Post?

Steve Hipes

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>I have seen pics of Pennsy GP30's on the Cotton Belt down in (I think)
>Arkansas--that may well have continued into the PC era.
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> > I've seen pictures of PC power with CB&Q power taken in the late 60's,
> > but what other roads did PC pool with? Did the Burlington Route 
> > continue into the BN era?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Craig
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