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Re: PC: This month's Railpace

This must have been our month for PC articles...

Trains also did an article on Amtrak's 30th....with a few PC pictures! Not 
only that, MR has an article about modeling ex-PC boxcars.


>Speaking of pictures, this month's issue of Railpace has an article
>about Amtrak's 30th anniversary (coming up on Tuesday), including some
>pictures of interest to PC fans. There's a couple of red/blue/silver
>Amtrak GG1's, a picture of "Amtrak" 4316, the first E8 lettered for
>Amtrak (a picture is also on the PC web site), and a photo of the
>original Metroliner MU cars with PRR keystones. IIRC, there was some
>discussion about the keystones and worms on the Metroliners a few
>weeks (months?) back on the list.
>BTW, just checked My eBay, and a copy of the PC Biannual just went for
>over $100....about $40 more than I wanted pay...yikes! Makes me wish I
>had a spare box of those in my basement...

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