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PC: Re: C424

Old news..  the NY Cross Harbor got the 3 ex-GBW C424's out of Arkansas.. at
least one was supposedly shipped on a flatcar.  Reportedly they then offered
the units for sale as a group, in the neighborhood of  $80K.   Believe this
info was on the board, but if not I understood that they had a deal where
they paid in part and did not complete the sale untill a means was found to
move the units.   I'm not aware of the current location of the units. but it
could get very grim very fast for them especially given that they are worn
out just about to junk -

In other PC/ALCO related news, NYS&W has finally sold the ex-NYC C430's....
rumor mill has LA&L or GVT as the lucky buyer, although LA&L pres denies
it.. units are likely off NYS&W property by now, last seen dead in tow with
stacks capped -

Bill K.

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> on railroad net they are reporting that the C424 in Arkansas have been
> sold. Does anyone know of the new owners and their plans for this former
> PC Alco?
> http://railroad.net/forums/load/alco/msg0419033526394.html?3
> Thanks,
> Craig
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