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Re: PC: Wreck of the Penn Central book

TGCostello -AT- aol.com wrote:

> PC Listers:
> I'm not familiar with this book, would someone be kind enough to give me a
> description.  Is it a photo book or a historical overview of the PC?
> thanks
> Tim Costello

I would call it business history.



Editorial Reviews
                     The publisher, Beard Books, via Susan Pannell, Acquisitions Editor,
susan -AT- beard.com. , April 21,
                     The Penn Central RR Set New Records For Its Day.
                     It took ten years of laborious planning and exhaustive negotiations to create
the mammoth
                     Penn Central Railroad, the largest railroad in U.S. history. When the leviathan
was finally born
                     of a merger between the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads on February
1, 1968,
                     the event was hailed as a great day for railroading. But the baby giant
survived only 867 days.
                     The crash of the Penn Central set a new record, this time for the biggest
bankruptcy the United
                     States had yet seen. THE WRECK OF THE PENN CENTRAL, which the New York Times
                     called "a great book" offering the reader "a ringside seat" to this economic
debacle, provides a
                     close-up view of the events that brought the Big Train to bankruptcy court --
                     subsidized competition, big labor featherbedding, greed, corporate
back-stabbing, stunning
                     incompetence, and, yes, even a little sex. The story is every bit as
enthralling in this 1999
                     illustrated reprint edition as it was in the original edition published in

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