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PC: This month's Railpace

Wow...the list has been quiet for about a week. Guess everyone must
either be doing yardwork or taking train pictures...

Speaking of pictures, this month's issue of Railpace has an article
about Amtrak's 30th anniversary (coming up on Tuesday), including some
pictures of interest to PC fans. There's a couple of red/blue/silver
Amtrak GG1's, a picture of "Amtrak" 4316, the first E8 lettered for
Amtrak (a picture is also on the PC web site), and a photo of the
original Metroliner MU cars with PRR keystones. IIRC, there was some
discussion about the keystones and worms on the Metroliners a few
weeks (months?) back on the list.

BTW, just checked My eBay, and a copy of the PC Biannual just went for
over $100....about $40 more than I wanted pay...yikes! Makes me wish I
had a spare box of those in my basement...


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