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PC: RE: (totalcsx) Oh how they fade! (fwd)

Short notice for tomorrow morning I know, but time is growing short for this

A few of us die hard position light signal fans are going to try to shoot some
of the classic PRR signals between HUDSON and ALLIANCE before NS torches them
off this month.

Hudson is a little less than halfway from Cleveland to Alliance on the ex-PRR

If anyone would like to join us to shoot what we can Don Narris has graciously
volunteered to be the tour guide to get us to the good PLS spots.

If anyone has the late morning and afternoon free, is close enough to scoot
there and wants to railfan the day away I have included Don't directions to the
meeting spot below.

Here's a (yech) yahoo map of Hudson Village to help find the spot Don mentions


Make sure to get all of it cut-and-pasted into a browser or just go to
maps.yahoo.com and search for "Hudson, OH"

Have a good weekend!


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You bet! Once again Jon, nice shot. How many of those hoppers did you see

Henry, (and anybody else who's coming), I'll be at CP-HUDSON at 1100
tomorrow, unless the police kick me out. I'll be sitting across the tracks
from the station, and to get there you go west on 303 from 91 (center of
Hudson), and just before the main line overpass there's a drive to your
right (north). Up at the top of that drive is where I'll be. Driving a dark
red '94 Crown Victoria.

Don Narris -- Canton, Ohio  M.P. 98, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago

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