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PC: Re: PC Internet Roster

I looked at the Railspot.com Penn Central "All-Time" Locomotive Roster and here
are my comments.  This is only my opinion based on what little I know about the
PC Roster.

It appears that the information came from both the PC Railroader Bi-Annual and
the Extra 2200 South Roster from 1969.  There are many locomotives listed on
this roster that simply did not make it to Penn Central.  A good number of the
FA2's and F7's listed were retired prior to Feb. 1, 1968.  RS32 2020 is listed
but it was also retired prior to merger.  The ex-NH C425's are listed as being
PC units with no NH heritage.  A lot of the renumberings of the switchers are
missing.  The RS3m's in the 9900 series are not listed.  It lists many IHB and
P&LE units as having PC numbers and they just did not become part of the Penn
Central roster.  Many NH units (especially Alco switchers) are missing.

In short, there is both too much and not enough.  The best thing about this is
that it does list some of the dispositions of the locomotives post 1976 if one
is interested in that info.  Then again I don't know how accurate that might be.

Someone put a lot of time into doing this, but for the serious historian and
modeler of the railroad we all love, it has too many flaws.  Unfortunately, for
the people that don't know any better, it will be believed that this is the
roster for the PC.

The roster in Morning Sun's Penn Central Power book comes the closest to being
correct, but there's some errors in that one too.

The above is only my opinion.

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