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Re: PC: Re: interesting errata

I've had a pile of these C430's and I sell them for $10, sometimes less on
the chrome "Silver Streak" ones.   To build a model accurate enough to be
worth correcting the trucks on would involve a rediculous amount of
alterations, at the least replacing the cab, nose and walkways with Stewart
components and adding some kind of new drive.   Were I to go to that much
trouble I'd cut the main shell down from a Stewart, too.   Tiger Valley
Models is another option, although I have heard good and bad on their stuff.

Additionally, Tyco's original drive is based on a stretched out Blomberg
truck that had an armature in the truck assembly.  Later they adapted to a
cheesy 3-pole motor with armature parallell to the axles, that could be
4-axle or 6 axle and often had a blind wheelset in the center no matter what
sideframe it had.  The Alco Models sideframe set will not fit the Tyco
trucks, since I'm sure it's made to the prototype truck wheelbase, or to fit
Atlas or Athearn trucks.

If all you want is a Penn-Central engine I'd recommend spray-bombing it with
the cheapest K-mart flat black (theirs is safe on most plastic and a buck a
can), some Testors 1260 or 1261 glosscote where the decals will go, decal it
and dullcoat it and live with it.    For around $30 you can get Athearn
GP38's or SW1500's ready to go in PC and totally correct, so it's hardly
worth spending more.. and if you only want it for the shelf, unpowered units
are cheaper still.

Bill K.

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> You also might consider looking at some ALCO (the model manufacturer)
> truck side frames. The NYC/PC C-430's had Hi-Ad trucks, not the regular
> that come on the Tyco.
> Patrick
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> > >I believe Tyco only made the C-430. AHM made a C-424, though. The bulge
> > >right behind the cab is different, as are the radiators.
> >
> > That's what I thought. Some of the Alcos look extremely similar. My
> > is going to be repainted and parked inside the engine shops. However,
> > of the oversize details (grabs, handrails, etc.) will be replaced.
> >
> > Thanks again,
> >
> > --Chris
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